Awesome Domestic Cats


1. Feline Friends

There are millions of domestic cats all over the world with a home. This makes them one of the most popular pet. This all started in ancient egypt, thousands of years ago, or even longer. The egyptians seemed to have problems with rats in their homes. Then, an egyptian saw a cat attack a rat. Of course, the egyptian told everyone about the mammal. The egyptians all wanted no rats, so they got cats. The egyptians actually loved cats so much, they mummified them like people! This was the start of domestication for our feline friends.

2. Introduction

Cats are mammals. A mammal is an animal that usually has fur and gives birth to their babies. Cats are also carnivores, which are really meat eaters. They eat birds and rodents.

Cats also have good hearing. A cat's hearing is about 4x better than our's! They can hear around 500Hz to 32kHz. A cat can hear about 1 octave better than humans. Cat ears have a lot of muscle too.

3. Eating

Cats are meat eaters, so they have strong teeth to chew their meat. Although you may have a domestic cat, you shouldn't feed it plants, or any other herbivorous meals. A cat's body is not meant for consuming plants. Instead of plants, feed your cat a healthy diet of meat and cat food. Never let you cat have chocolate, onions, garlic, and dog food. Dog food has the wrong nutrients for cats.

Did you know some cats will eat their own babies?

It's true. Some queen cats(adult lady cats) will eat their young. There are many reasons this can occur. This mainly happens when the queen is in frustration.

4. Smell

A cat's smell is better than a human's, but not as good as a dog's. A cat's smell is about 2x better than a human's.

Cats will also sniff us if they want to find out if we are its owner or not.

5. Whiskers

Cats have around 24 whiskers on their whole body, but most of them are on their faces. These whiskers are movable by a cat's muscules.

A cat's whiskers are almost like a 6th sense. This sense helps the cat figure out if he or she can fit in a crack. Since these are powerful, they are very sensitive to touch.

6. Furry Family

Cats are family with lions, jaguars, cheetahs, and panthers, but what about the actual family? Well, you must know that an adult man cat is called a Tom, and a lady cat is called a Queen or a Molly. A baby cat is called is called a kitten.

7.Kittens' Life Cycle

1. Born

During the first 4 days, a kitten's eyes are shut, but the kitten can hear and smell well.

2. Almost the Kitten

After about 2 weeks, a kitten will have opened its eyes, but it can not see very well.

3. After 4 weeks, the kitten will already be running around, playfully. As most cats do, kittens use their tails to balance.

4. After 10 weeks, the kitten will already be very independent and ready to leave his or her mother.


Their are over 100 kinds of domestic cats! The 2 kinds ae long-haired cats, and short-haired cats. Short-haired cats are short-haired, unlike long-haired cats, which are long-haired. I hope you are not confused.

8 and a half. Intellegent Breeds.

This has to do with cat breeds, but this cat breeds!

1. Bengals

Bengal cats are known for learning tricks. They are highly social and love water. Giving this cat a bath actually isn't that hard! Some Bengals love water so much that it may take a shower with you! Bengals probably make great pets!

2. Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats are very intellegent cats and have a lifespan of about 15 years. These cats are full of fun! They all love to play, climb, and jump.

Abyssinian Cats weigh 6-10 pounds. They are medium size cats.

3. Siamese Cats

Siamese Cats have points on their fur. A point is a darker color of a cat's fur. These cats have points on their tail, paws, ears, and face. Siamese Cats are popular because of these points.

4. Singapura

Singapura Cats are intellengent and little cats. Singapura cats are extremely playful and can learn some tricks.

Singapura Cats are also healthy, but some can still get diseases.

9. Cat Talk

Cats have their own little launguage like we do. "Meow"means they want some attention, and "Hiss"means to go away.

Did you know that cats make 100 different sounds?

Cats do make 100 sounds. Dogs only make around 10 sounds!

Cats also use their tails to communicate. When a cat sticks its tail in the air, it is pleased or excited. When the tail is twitching from side to side, it is watchful. When the tail is puffed up and over the cat's body, it is ready to attack. The last one is when you r cat's tail is puffed and pointed up, it is anxious.

10. Catnaps

When your cat takes a quick nap, it just took a catnap. Some catnaps are longer than others. You must remember though, that a cat will sleep over half the day. Kittens my sleep a little less than adults.

That means a 9 year old cat has been awake for only 3 years!

Even though the sleep for a while, cats are ready to play after their naps.

11. Ferals and strays

There is a difference between feral cats and a stray. Stray cats have once been with a human, but either got lost, or abandoned. Feral cats have been wild thier whole life. A feral cat never had a good home, versus stray cats, who once had a home. There is a difference, and something in common! Both feral and strays could be domesticated, but you must wash any cat before bringing it into your home. Only a stray was once in a home. Poor ferals.

12. Why do so many people like cats?

Lots of people love cats, but why? Lots of people like cats because of their independent ways. Other people love cats because they are cute.

Another reason why people love cats is because they are one of the most intellegent house pets.

Cats also are very independent animals and can mostly care for themselves. When they are bored they just nap.

Cats also catch the rodents that can destroy your house.

13. Crazy Cat Lady

A crazy cat lady is someone who has a lot of cats. This actually hep\lps your health. It also may take away your allergies! Anyway, there are 73 million domestic cats in North America.

QUIZZER:True or False with Cats

What is true and what is false with these felines?

Cats have 9 lives. or .

Cats are nocturnal. or .

Some cats bring bad luck. or .

Cats can be right pawed or left pawed. or .

All cats have tails. or .

Not all cats have hair. or .

If you got over 4 right, you are a Cat Expert! If not, you are a cat scientist, studying to become a true Cat Expert.

15. CatLinks

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